Comparison of Royaltie Gem, Asirvia Go, and Elify Shuffle/Wave

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If you have heard of Proximity Marketing and are interested in learning what it is all about and/or you want to learn about the different vendors who offer the devices and service, you have come to the right place. In this post, I will compare the 3 leading options (Royaltie, Asirvia, and Elify).

Note: At the writing of this post, I’m an affiliate or representative of all 3 options (See Updates) which was the only real way to understand the services enough to write this article. I went into this exercise to honestly find the best option for me – understanding each would have their pros and cons. Hyperlinks to sign up pages exist for all companies throughout the post – everywhere each company name is mentioned.

I’m sure there will be updates to this post as we go forward based on feedback and updates from all the companies. I welcome all feedback on this post.

First, let’s talk a bit about how the service and devices work. Proximity Marketing makes use of Bluetooth beacons to broadcast a short message (40 characters) and a corresponding website which will be visited when someone clicks on the message a certain distance (100 yards or so). The broadcasted messages are fully FCC compliant and don’t ring of ding your phone and show up as notifications only while someone is in range of one of the devices. Anyone with a relatively new Android device who has Bluetooth and Location services enabled can see the messages when in range.

Royaltie – Gem

My experience with Royaltie started on June 26, 2017 and there have been several changes since I started with them. I first got involved with Royaltie to promote my real estate business, but once I saw how well the devices worked, I quickly shared them with others.

Through their free affiliate program I was able to quickly have my monthly subscription of $49/month for 3 devices waved for bringing $100 in monthly revenue to the company (see updates). For the last 3 months in addition to getting my device service for free I’ve earned $120/month through their simple compensation plan.

Royaltie started out as a beacon provider, but recently purchased Inigo which provided digital business cards. Since purchasing Inigo, an Android app has been developed to provide digital business cards which can also be used as landing pages in addition to secured websites including Facebook to be used as message targets.

There is a history between Royaltie and Asirvia – more about that in the Asirvia section.

Asirvia – Go

My experience with Asirvia just started a few days ago.

Asirvia used to resell Royaltie devices, but the two companies had a falling out. Royaltie accused Asirvia of not paying and Asirvia has accused Royaltie of not providing contracted services; therefore, the two companies have broken ties and are each doing their own thing at this point. During the falling out, Royaltie ended up suspending service to the devices being used by Asirvia customers and ended up reaching out to Asirvia representatives to offer for them to move to Royaltie service. I have encountered a couple of Asirvia representatives who very clearly stated they will never do business with Royaltie because they feel they have been wronged by Royaltie.

Asirvia is similar to Royaltie in several respects, but is more of a true MLM and in such their compensation plan is a little more complicated.

Elify – Shuffle/Wave

My experience with Elify just started a few days ago, but I’ve been very impressed by what I’ve seen so far. Elify started out as a digital business card company, and as you might guess, the Elify digital business cards are loaded with nice features the other options currently aren’t providing. Elify recently announced their entry into the beacon market with a device they call “Wave“. The beacons should function largely like the products of the other two companies, but they are just now starting to reach peoples hands.

Start Up Cost

Asirvia – $167.97 – Included in the start up cost is: $29.97 Business center, service for 3 devices $49 (which is discounted from the normal $99), setup fee of $79, and a $10 shipping fee. Based on the sign up screen, it appears you are required to purchase at least 3 devices for $49/month. (See updates) – price increasing to $69 for 3 Gos.

Elify – $135 which includes $60 ($20 per device) for first and last month subscription, $50 one time activation fee, $10 shuffle subscription and $15 shipping charge. For the $10 shuffle subscription you get the use of up to 10 digital business cards which can be upgraded to 100 for a one time additional charge of $50. You have the option to just purchase the digital business card capability for only $10/month the beacons are $10/month each and you can purchase as few as one.

Royaltie – $138 – Included in the start up cost is: $98 service for First and last month for 3 devices, a one time $30 activation fee and $10 for shipping. You have the option to purchase one Gem for $25/month and subsequent Gems are only $12/month each.


Each of the options provides the basic Bluetooth beacon service which is largely the same, but what additional features and functions are provided? We will explore those differences here:

Elify – Shuffle mobile app – Video walkthrough

Compelling mobile app/digital business card features:

  • Create QR codes
  • Scan QR codes
  • Scan and OCR business cards
  • The ability to optionally share your affiliate link directly from your digital business cards
  • Customer relationship marketing (CRM) features:
    • Set follow up appointments directly in the app
    • Write notes relating to the contact directly in the app

View an example of one of my Elify digital business cards by clicking here. You should view on mobile and computer.

Royaltie – Mobile app – Video tour

Compelling mobile app/digital business card features:

  • Easily create unlimited digital business cards at no additional expense
  • The digital business cards are also landing pages when viewed on computers
  • Link to every social media known to man
  • The business card view is more responsive – takes full advantage of any viewing device

View an example of one of my Royaltie digital business cards by clicking here. You should view on mobile and computer.

Asirvia – no mobile app found – the users of the devices provide a link to a website of their choice

including Facebook, Youtube, etc…

Compensation Plans

We will look at each compensation plans of each company then apply the compensation to the customers I currently have with Royaltie to the 3 options to see what the revenue would be from each.

Royaltie – Gem

Perhaps the simplest plan – where an affiliate’s team volume is made up of all the affiliates and customers they personally sign up (level 1) plus all the affiliates and customers their level 1 affiliates sign up (level 2). See the chart below for incomes that can be earned for various levels of revenue generated – generally 30% commissions. Note at only $100 in monthly team subscription revenue – you save $49/month by getting your Gems for free (See Update ). There is also a $250 bonus for every 10 new customers you sign up regardless of how many Gems they purchase.

Elify – Shuffle/Wave

A relatively simple compensation planYou earn on 6 levels of customers and affiliates and can benefit from up to 3 bonus programs…

  • Level 1 – 10% – people you directly refer to the service
  • Level 2 – 8% – people your level 1 refer to the service
  • Level 3 – 15% – people your level 2 refer to the service
  • Level 4 – 5% – people your level 3 refer to the service
  • Level 5 – 5% – people your level 4 refer to the service
  • Level 6 – 8% – people your level 5 refer to the service

3 bonus programs

  • Quick start – 100% commission 60 days – 10 or more to extend 90 day commissions
  • Elev8 – 8 or more in calendar month – 40% additional commissions
  • Motiv8 – someone on level 1 – 8 or more in calendar month you earn a 10% bonus

Asirvia – Go

The compensation plan is the most complex of the 3 options. The Asirvia compensation plan pays through 5 levels. Affiliates earn a 25% commission on their direct sales and residually (subsequent months) get paid 10% on their direct sales and earn a 5% commission on their second level sales, but to unlock the full compensation plan an affiliate must acquire at least 3 retail customers, enroll at least 1 affiliate and accept the email invitation to an independent representative.

All affiliates pay a $29.97 business center fee every month.

Dollars and Cents

By taking the customer and affiliates I’ve been able to build through Royaltie and applying that to each of the other two companies’ compensation plans, we can see the dollars and cents of each option with a real world comparison.

With Royalie, I have built a team of 5 people on my first level and 4 people on my second level which represents $417 in revenue to Royaltie each month. For me personally, that gives me my 3 gems for free each month which saves me $49 (See Updates) and earns me $120/month or a total net benefit of $169/month.

Applying the Asirvia compensation plan to the same team of people… Since I haven’t reached $1000 in revenue only part of the compensation plan would be applicable to me. With Asirvia I would earn $31.90 in commissions, would be paying a $29.97 back office fee, and paying $49.00 for my Gos each month (See Updates) – resulting in my coming out of pocket with $47.07 in payments to Asirvia. No income would be earned in this scenario.

Applying the Elify compensation plan and adjusting for the difference in pricing, I would earn a total of $30.80 in commissions, but would pay $40 for my shuffle/wave service – resulting in me paying $9.20 out of pocket to Elify. No income would be earned in this scenario.


There are pros and cons to everything and surprises in this life. I wasn’t sure what I would find in comparing these 3 options – Asirvia, Elify, and Royaltie, but there were surprises:

I was surprised by how much easier it is to earn extra money (especially in the beginning), and earn the free use of up to 3 Gems with Royaltie. This was particularly surprising since Royaltie only pays on 2 levels compared to 5 and 6 levels with the other companies.

I was surprised by the rich feature set offered by Elify in their digital business cards and mobile app.

Finally, I was surprised by Asirvia due to their lacking digital business cards and/or mobile application, but still being priced equal with Royaltie although that pricing is only supposed to be temporary then become double the current pricing at some undisclosed  time in the future (See Updates). It is stated that the pricing is grandfathered for people who sign up while the promotional pricing is in place.

From my study of the options the results dictate the following:

  1. If you are wanting to promote your business using beacon technology for free and you feel comfortable that you can share with as little as 3 people (See Updates) or if you want to build an extra income and want to minimize your short term outlay of cash, Royaltie might be the best option for you. The Royaltie mobile app, although it is a first version, is solid and is only going to get better from here with increased features and functions.
  2. If you are wanting to promote your business and aren’t concerned with paying for it and aren’t interested in earning a sizable extra income, Elify might be the best option for you. You can earn an extra income through Elify, but at the commission levels it would likely take you longer than other options. The money is made here by building a deep organization. However, the base service is no inexpensive ($10) it can certainly be used in conjunction with other options. With as little as 10 customers the base service of digital business cards would be completely free – month to month.
  3. If you are wanting to build a large business and are comfortable with paying more up front as you build your business, Asirvia might be the best option for you (See Updates). Since Asirvia does not offer a mobile app, you might consider using Elify in conjunction with Asirvia devices.

All feedback and comments are welcome.

Update History:

Jan 25,2018 – I cancelled my Asirvia service because I felt it was too expensive and didn’t offer as much for the money as Royaltie and Elify.

Effective April 1, 2018, Royaltie is requiring affiliates to have added a new personal affiliate in the previous 3 months to earn:

  • $74 in team volume = $25 credit towards your monthly subscription
  • $98 in team volume = $50 credit towards your monthly subscription
  • $196 in team volume = $75 credit towards your monthly subscription

This changes the long-time policy of having a total of $100 in team volume providing the monthly service of 3 gems ($49/month value)                             month after month. After April first, affiliates will be required to add a new personal affiliate quarterly to earn the credits towards                                       service listed above.

Jan 4, 2018 – on Jan 3, 2018 Asirvia announced a price increase for their devices see below:

“The price of our GOs will be going up 19 Jan. Anyone who has already purchased before 19 Jan will be grandfathered in at their current subscription. 
3 GOs will be $69
5 GOs will be $99
8 GOs will be $129″

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